Easy ways to move your body when you feel lazy

Sep 16, 2019Moments

  • Do leg lifts while lying in bed staring at your phone
  • Suck your tummy in and take deep breaths
  • Sway your hips side to side while sitting at your desk at work
  • While seated, stretch your calves by raising your toes as high as possible
  • Roll your shoulders back and sit up straight
  • Do squats while waiting for your coffee or when you’re dispensing water at the cooler
  • Bend forward, sideways left, backward, then sideways right several times, pumping your body as you move
  • While laying on your back, cross your entire left leg (knee pointing out perpendicular to your body) over your right side for a few moments, and do the other side to stretch your lower back
  • Raise yourself on your tiptoes for a second and then back down, and repeat for as long as you want killer calves
  • Just be lazy and work out properly later 😂


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