Pacific Roots Open Mic #19 — August 2020

Sep 15, 2020Culture, Photography

Pacific Roots Open Mic (PROM) # 19 — August 2020

Theme: Mental Health

Venue: Sadies by the Sea Goat Island Cafe

Backdrop decor/Florals: Alafaga

Spotlight and sound equipment: Ammon (MN Studio)

Videography: Fale Film

Photography: Nerelle

Complimentary food and drinks: Cheat Day, Ano and Traci

Performing artists: Tamiano Gurr, Henry Faapalemata, Braden King, Charles Supapo, Sadie Mageo, Jarom Fuimaono, Andrew Hunkin, Manino Reed, Naomi Matagi, Danzel Romero, and a bunch more I’m unfortunately missing but don’t have their names on hand!


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