On Waking Up For Sunrise

Jun 4, 2021Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

A quick note to self that I have got to do this more often… I always feel so much better when I get up, walk down to the beach, stare at the sea, and let my thoughts wander and float over the glittery surface.

I will definitely be setting my alarm for a pre-sunrise wakeup call… except maybe not tomorrow morning because I’m up past my bedtime editing photos and watching YouTube videos.

Also, if you look closely in some of the pics, you’ll notice a bunch of tiny specks which means I really need to clean out my camera sensor.


  1. malaikamuses

    Beautiful breath taking views 🌅

    • nerelle

      Mother nature does it best! 💛

  2. aysabaw

    Sunrise is always nice and refreshing. Except that I’m a lazy bugger snoozing all my three alarms all the time.


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