Fagatogo Marketplace and Bus Depot – Street Photography

Mar 1, 2021Culture, Lifestyle, Photography

I’d say the Fagatogo Marketplace is probably one of the best spots to play around with street photography in American Samoa. There are brightly colored handicrafts, beautiful faces, fresh produce, and local food that make for a picture-perfect postcard of what life on the island is like. Plus, the bus depot next door is a great spot to capture the infamous aiga buses, in different shapes, sizes, colors, and art. The First Fridays (and Third Fridays) of each month at the market are fun to check out too because there are more food options, and local entertainment, but they’ve been on pause since last March due to COVID.

I had fun shooting these pics… mostly in manual mode so I could practice. Hopefully over time, I can overcome the stage fright of carrying my camera around in public too!



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