Sailing in Oxnard, California

Jul 23, 2018Travel

Last week was some of my most relaxed days over the last year. We were in the cozy town of Oxnard, California for Ian’s family reunion. We would sleep in, walk barefoot to Silver Strand beach barely a block away, and lounged all day until the big family dinner every night, followed by game night. Such bliss.

This particular day strayed just a bit from the routine though.

Rick chartered a 34-foot Hunter style sailboat called the SV Emmanuel. We were all so pumped! We started at the Channel Islands Harbor marina and took two trips – a short one for the kids just to the breakwater, and another longer trip with the adults for several hours. Rick and Ian took the helms and Chris helped open the sail and jib as we sailed out of the marina. Then I got to steer us into deeper waters for the next few hours! Uncle Bob and Ian helped me learn how to recognize the wind and then use the compass to keep a specific direction. Once I got the hang of it, it made so much sense. We sailed pretty far but had to head back by evening for dinner and I tried to park the boat in the marina but let Rick take over after my first failed attempt. Looks like I’ll need some extra practice… so we’re going sailing again tomorrow! This time in Redondo Beach!

Until next time

xo, Relly


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