Yodi’s Waterfall Adventure

Dec 6, 2017Lifestyle

Yodi has always been comfortable in the ocean. Since she was a pup, she’s followed us on our paddle boards and spent multiple hours swimming alongside us, even beyond the reef. A couple weekends ago, we took Yodi on her first adventure away from the ocean, at the Nu’uuli Waterfall. We crossed the river and cut through some overgrown brush to get there and Yodi was a bit cautious at first. Her senses heightened when we got to the loud waterfall falling in waves in front of us. But as soon as Ian got in the water she jumped in comfortably and chased fresh water fish for the rest of our time there.


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Happy Mama’s Day to my mama


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Need to get back in the water already.
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Is my vibe these days

chico bonito. cutie patootie. i love youie.

Actually though…

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Is it friyay yet


a good time in Bali yearsss ago, i miss it. oops bc i look nekid.
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