Visiting friends in Oceanside

Jul 27, 2018Lifestyle, Travel

Quick weekend trip to Oceanside.

Drove in to Oside in the late afternoon and reunited with our previous AmSam neighbors Carolyn and Jameson, and their little coconut guy Kainoa. We caught up on our lives since they left the island 2 years ago. We devoured some of the most amazing food at Local Tap House, did some mini bowling at Fat Joe’s, and briefly hung out at Pour House for live music. The next morning was spent on the beach. The guys surfed and Carolyn and I played with Kai. And then Jameson saved a girl who got caught in the riptide! The lifeguard on patrol showed up so late, it was a good thing Jamo got to her in time. Afternoon naps followed, then we headed over to their friends Gina and Anthony’s house for a sweet backyard BBQ. Got froyo and drove through the beach strand before we called it a night.

Also, did you know that Oceanside is our sister city? I just found out on this trip, and I don’t really know what exactly that means – but it seems appropriate since our little AmSam gang got together for a good lil time in Oceanside.


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