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Dec 3, 2017Create, Lifestyle

Happy December! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the holiday season because I love Christmas lights and plus, I always need something to look forward to. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on decorations since we’re saving for presents and travels. So instead, here are just a few holiday decoration ideas that you can make yourself!

1. Driftwood + Garland Christmas Tree

I’ve been holding on to these two large driftwood sticks for almost a year now and they have finally come in useful for something! I tied the top together and split the bottom 45 degrees apart to form a triangle shape, then wrapped the garland around it to make it look more like a pine tree. Add Christmas lights and lean against a corner – and voila. Instant Christmas tree magic.

2. Advent Calendar Tree

You can add this to any DIY Christmas tree you desire. I painted a couple of poster papers and used some kraft paper to make my own wacky envelopes. Number it from 1 to 25 to represent the 25 days of Christmas. Then use a binder clip to attach the envelopes to the garlands in numeral order. Bonus – it double as ornaments!

3. Reversible Stockings

If you know how to use a sewing machine at all, this is super easy. I didn’t even have to make a pattern since a sock shape is so easy to copy. I got this Samoan print dobby fabric in green and blue from the Tutuila store, drew out a sock shape on the fabric and sewed a green and blue piece right sides together. Make sure to hide the hems and close it off — and there you have it, reversible stockings!

Other not so typical Christmas decoration we have up are: this tiny Christmas tree that Ian’s parents sent him a couple of years ago, a fishing glass float wrapped up in Christmas lights, this flag banner that says Joy, a nutcracker I won at last year’s Christmas party drinks competition, leftover garland, sea shells, and a snowman ornament for our bookshelf.

Our deco is not your typical Christmas hangings and mistletoes, but it’s our island, eco and budget friendly version and I love it.


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