Photo Journal: Couples Camping Trip

Aug 25, 2021Lifestyle, Photo Diaries, Travel

Found this in my drafts folder… a photo journal of camping with my husband and our friends, Traci and Ano, back in May 2021. I think we timed this camp trip right on time for me and Ian’s anniversary weekend.

Many thanks to the Gurr family for always being so warm and allowing us to camp at your beach.

The fresh water stream that leads to the ocean.

Sabrina also came for the day to hang out with us.

We were looking for freshwater eel in the stream, and set up some traps, but we didn’t catch any this time around.

We spent a few hours in the morning snorkeling and spearfishing at the beach. I tested out my new pole spear and didn’t get so lucky, but everyone else caught something for lunch. Here’s Ian de-scaling a malau (red snapper) he caught.

With no cell service out here, we spent our weekend offline hanging out, snorkeling, fishing, playing suipi, eating good food, reading, and hanging around the fire we set up on the beach.

I love waking up early on camp trips — right before the sun rises — and soaking up the serenity of the moving water, birds chirping in the distance, and wind rustling through the trees.

Happy sleepy faces. I wake Ian up whenever the sunrise starts so he can watch it with me. Then he’ll usually knock out right after for another nap haha.

Me and this cutie puppers.

Traci and Ano spearfishing.

Our tents. Traci and Ano’s tent is the red and white one; they’re fully set up with an air bed! Ian and I keep it pretty basic with our yellow and black tent; using camping mats, and stuffing our clothes into pillowcases haha.

Ultimate relaxation.

Going back to the stream the next morning to check on the eel traps and take a cold dip.

Homeward bound in the back of Ano’s truck. I was getting car sick in the truck so I jumped in the back in case I needed to barf lol, but the fresh air in my face was just what I needed.

Looking back at these have me wanting to go on another camp trip real soon!

Plus, here’s an instagram reel I put together from this trip!

xo, Nerelle


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