A low impact weekend

Oct 21, 2018Moments, Sustainable Living

Crocheting a small jute scouring pad to try eliminating store bought sponges.

Bags to carry goods on errands.

A grocery haul.

Full dinner ingredients from local CSA bag by Superstar Produce.

Galoshes I thrifted for $7, perfect for this rainy weekend.

Our sun-bleached `ava bowl. The after photo, conditioned and buffed with homemade wood butter.

The view I’ll never stop appreciating. My body waking me up before 6am all weekend.

Officer Scruffles sleeping in. My morning is better spent journaling and sipping matcha.

Food prep station on the island we made years ago.

A cat and his cat daddy. Both cutie kitties.

A colorful dinner plate with django salsa Dusty and Mai made. But having the space to only eat the carbs and save the salad for lunch tomorrow.


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caught off guard - I don't even remember why we were out this night lol

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