From tumblr to wordpress

Jan 23, 2020Moments

I started blogging on Tumblr. I created a personal blog to post my photography and random public journals, and I later started a secondary tumblr that was more a mood board of sorts where I reblogged other peoples’ content for inspiration. Now that I’ve shifted over to a new blogging platform, it’s been interesting to notice the differences in blogging styles across these platforms because I think that bloggers on tumblr and wordpress are motivated differently. In my college days, tumblr was very much a social blogging platform driven by perception, so people (myself included) were drawn to the numbers of likes and reblogs we got. I guess you could say it gave me a sense of validation. I felt like people were on tumblr as a means to express themselves, but actually to express a version of themselves that would get the most likes, reblogs, and follows. Now that I’m using wordpress, my motivation for blogging has changed to be more lifestyle and design focused. And that’s the reason why I chose to use (which is same same but different than I chose because I wanted to gain more control over my site design. It’s way more customizable than the tumblr blog templates that I probably spent over a hundred hours trying to customize. So I got on so I could own my site domain and be more expressive through design. Of course it has its pitfalls… like, it takes way more time for me to post on wordpress than on tumblr. On tumblr I could easily just upload a photo, write some words, and let the platform do the work. I didn’t even have to write anything actually. I could just post a photo on its own. But on wordpress, there’s so much more forethought that goes into it. I have to upload a bunch of photos, figure out where they go, write some words that are relevant, and make the whole thing look cohesive for a single post. All of this to say that I’ve had a long journey with blogging, and I want to continue doing it authentically…

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