Last night at home for a while

Dec 6, 2021Lifestyle, Moments

In 24 hours I’ll be on a plane… Up up and away from home after 2 years since COVID canceled all my travel plans indefinitely.

Everyone keeps asking “are you ready?” and “are you excited?” and I’m like hmmm, yes and no to both.

I’m beyond excited to finally go on vacation, spend time with family, and go on new travel adventures.

I’m not looking forward to living out of a suitcase, leaving my big comfy bed, and I’m obviously worried that I might get COVID or that another new variant will pop up and cause my flight back home to be delayed.

Let’s focus on the positives though! I can’t wait to be a bit cold so I can wear layers, scarves, socks, and get cuddly without getting sweaty. I want to eat a lot of really good food. Go on a road trip. Go shopping (lol). Maybe find some snow since I’ve never had a white Christmas.

I’m pretty much all packed. I just need to pack my toothbrush, close my luggage, and organize my carry-on bag. The last few days have been all about packing, closing out work tasks, running errands, doing last name changes on my documents, shopping for pasalubong (souvenirs), wrapping gifts, cleaning the house, and trying to spend as much time with my best friend before I leave because I’m gonna miss her birthday while I’m away.

It’s late already — 11:45pm… almost midnight. I feel incredibly exhausted, and a little stressed that I still have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow before we check in for our flight. But anyway, I wanted to preface my next blog posts with at least something because I’ll be in the states soon and I’ll try to update the blog more often since I’ll be in the land of fast internet. Maybe I’ll even start adding a few photo journals from my funky last couple of months.

I’m seriously about to pass out and my eyes are definitely too heavy to be staring at my laptop, so I’ll end this here…

Till next time,

xo, Nerelle


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