He made it all happen

Feb 17, 2021Moments

Ok so I didn’t realize it until probably Sunday night, but Ian actually read my post from last week (8 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day without Spending Money) and literally had us do ALL of them throughout the long weekend!!

To sum it up:

1. SERVE BREAKFAST IN BED – he did this TWICE for me! On Saturday and Sunday morning – both days I was treated to a gentle wake up call with a delicious platter of food and matcha latte, and flowers!

2. WRITE A HEARTFELT LETTER – we both took time to write each other love letters and as per custom, stuck some nature to it. It was the first time he signed a letter with “love, husband” and I swoon; he’s so sweet.

3. TAKE A HIKE – we actually walked from our house out to the main road and caught an aiga bus to Fatu-ma-futi beach; not really a hike, but it was a lovely midday stroll; anddd he picked a flower for me on the way… just like I wrote in my blog post!

4. PACK A PICNIC – as part of our excursion to Fatu-ma-futi, we packed an easy picnic with snacks we had around the house – apples, chips, homemade hummus – and laid a blanket out for an afternoon reading and soaking up the sun on the beach.

5. HOMEMADE DINNER – ok so we didn’t dedicate a full night to a candlelit dinner because every night consisted of galentine’s or a friend’s BBQ, or my church’s valentine banquet. Still, we had lots of homemade snacks like the hummus, popcorn, and he made some dumplings too.

6. BUILD A BLANKET FORT – my inner child screaaaamed! How dreamy of a man do I have that he’s willing to be a blanket fort engineer with me! We built probably our best blanket fort we’ve ever built thus far!

7. HAVE A MOVIE NIGHT – we got all cozy in our fort for a second timeand watched Lupin, a show on netflix that Ian’s mom had recommended we watch. We made popcorn too!

8. GO STARGAZING – we were at a friend’s BBQ party on Saturday late afternoon, but as night fell, a few of us moved to the treehouse where we were lucky to be outside to see the stars shining extra bright. I was stargazing with a friend and we had a great long discussion about spirituality, life, death, the heavens, fate, love, and health. It was beautiful. Ian was in the water


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