Breakfast in Bed

Feb 14, 2021Moments

I am definitely the luckiest woman — my husband surprised me with an early Valentine’s day breakfast in bed! 🥰🥰🥰

I slept in after a late night of karaoke’ing with friends for galentine’s, so I woke up around 9am from Ian kissing me gently and patting me awake. He laid the bed tray out in front of me topped with a glorious spread of breakfast (hash browns with goat cheese, eggs over medium with sriracha, turkey sausage, local avocados, and a side of lettuce, also with our favorite Purple Haze goat cheese), plus fresh flowers (that he picked himself!!) in a vase, and he even went out of his way to make matcha latte just the way I like, and served it in a wine cup! I thought it was sooo sweet of him, and it was all so yummy. My favorite part is knowing that he would do this any day for me, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day.


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  1. aysabaw

    So sweet!


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