Life Lately: Travel Updates Coming Soon

May 21, 2018Lifestyle

What a crazy amazing past couple of weeks! Ian and I have been traveling around every few days which is NUTS and I don’t necessarily recommend it because I always got sad every time we had to leave so soon. Still, it was totally all worth it! I traveled extremely light for my trips to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I only brought my camera, journal, a book, and a few items of clothing. I didn’t get to blog at all because I left my laptop at my sister’s place in Arizona knowing I’d be 1) too busy to edit photos and write a blog post, and 2) too busy having fun. So I have a lot of catching up to do. Currently, it’s 4am on my last day of vacation. *Tears*. I’m sitting at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix sleepily typing away on my laptop and waiting to check my luggage in. I have about half an hour before I can check it in. After this, I’m really hoping to get a nap in since I stayed up all night. Brutal. I really wanted to write full blog posts for my trip while I was actually on the trip – but let’s be real. That’s not happening. You’re here for the photos anyway right? I’m gonna say yes. Look out for travel/photo diaries soon! xx


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