When Two Worlds Collide: Elaine and Fernando Coura

May 23, 2018Photography, Travel

Last weekend, Saturday May 12th, was a day for the cosmos. Two bright young worlds collided, and became one.

She’s from American Samoa. He’s from Brazil. They met in New Zealand in 2015. And since they’ve met, they’ve traveled to over 15 different countries in the last 3 years. This special day is set in the tropical sand of Dominican Republic. And at the time of writing this, they’re currently honeymooning in Greece.

We traveled from the South Pacific to witness their union, along with 80 of their closest family and friends from around the world. Here are a few of my favorite photos from my lens. I’m overjoyed to know these beautiful people.

Congratulations to our dear friends and newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Fernando and Elaine Coura.

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  1. Charity Anna Porotesano

    So happy for Elaine! Her love story is so unique and remarkable! Just from viewing their adventures, I knew they were meant to be! Congratulations to them!


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