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1. Serve breakfast in bed

wake up a bit earlier than usual, cut up some fruits, whip up some heart-shaped pancakes, prep a cup of tea or coffee, maybe even a cold mimosa, and serve on a nice platter straight to the bedroom to get your sweetheart smiling first thing in the morning.

2. Write a heartfelt letter

what better way to proclaim your love than by putting it into words and writing them down on paper. And, remember to always, always, always add nature (thanks for the advice, Nick Offerman).

3. Take a hike

put on your sneakers for a hike up a new mountain, or even a nice long walk/bike around your favorite part of town to get your endorphins going, and don’t forget to pick up flowers along the way for your special person.

4. Pack a picnic

look through your fridge and cupboards and pack all your favorite snacks in a bag, maybe even a book and a journal if you like to read and write… don’t forget to grab a blanket or two, then head to the beach or park and settle down for a cute lil picnic.

5. Homemade dinner

clean the house, cook up a delicious homemade meal and whip up a bevvy, then turn on some smooth jazz or r&b music, and light a candle to set the vibes.

6. Build a blanket fort

all the blankets, all the pillows. Work as a team to make your bed extra extra cozy by building a blanket fort — your inner child will scream if you find a partner who’s actually willing to do this with you.

7. Have a movie night

pick a movie (rom com, anyone?!), make some popcorn, turn on the A/C, and get super cozy in pajamas for a movie night (or a movie night marathon) — in bed, preferably.

8. Go stargazing

grab a couple of blankets, throw on a hoodie (in case of bugs), jump in the car, and drive somewhere dark to get a clear view of the Milky Way. Cuddle up and try to spot shooting stars.

Tropical bird of paradise flower x Nerelle


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