EV Nautilus Photo Journal Pt. 2 | Deep Sea Exploration in American Samoa

Nov 27, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

Part 2 of my photo journal on the E/V Nautilus.

Deep sea research cruise in the waters of American Samoa. July to August 2019.

View of Swains island from the vessel. 

The full buffet 3x each day was a luxury. Living large on the high seas!

Rocking our no-spill Nautilus mugs in front of Swains island. So happy.

Back in the control van during my science watch. 

Samoan sunrises make me swoon.

It’s always an event when the ROVs are getting deployed. It’s pretty incredible to see technology in action to discover the undiscovered.

The American Samoa science team representing!

Ian, me, Georgia, and Hanae.

I feel so lucky to do what I do. And working alongside my fiance is the cherry on the top.


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