Earth Day every day

Apr 22, 2020Lifestyle, Sustainable Living

A beautiful reminder that every day is Earth Day!

Snapped these moments here at home right before Ian and I did a quick beach cleanup as our act of service to Mama Earth today. I was sad to see all the trash that washed ashore as we filled up three buckets of garbage in just half an hour… but it felt good to do our part, to keep our island clean and pristine, then jump into the warm crystal clear water that’s been like home to us. Immersed in nature. We love our home so much–inside and outside–it is our place of sanctuary. I know that no matter where in the world we travel, or move to, and call home… I know that we will always love each other, and our home, environment, this planet Earth.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and getting a little bit of sunshine where you can!

xoxo, Nerelle


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