Have Bag, Wish of Travel

Jan 18, 2021Moments

It’s been almost a whole year since the Coronavirus rocked entire countries, economies, communities, and industries. While I’m so happy to still be at home, and safely tucked away on an island free of Covid, it seems I’ve caught the travel bug… again. Yup, even though I went to Manu’a twice last year, I’m daydreaming of more travels beyond the borders. Step 1 is to get the vaccine, which I’m halfway done with. Got my first dose a couple weeks ago! Next, wait for the borders to open.

Over the holidays, Ian gifted me with a Cotopaxi Allpa 35-liter bag from the Del Dia collection. I specifically requested a travel bag because I’m so looking forward to jumping on a plane with Ian and experiencing someplace new. I love it so far. I’ve been using it for my laptop even though it could probably pack an entire week of clothes and supplies in there, but that’s just how excited I am to use it!

Anyway, I’m babbling because it’s late, but look at me – I’m slowly uploading little updates here and there!

cotopaxi bag


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