Virtual Palm Sunday

Apr 5, 2020Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

Happy Palm Sunday!

11:45 AM – I just finished tuning in to my church’s live stream service and now reflecting on my week. It’s amazing what we’re able to accomplish these days through technology. I never would have thought I’d be doing communion virtually, using what I had in my fridge–spicy tomato juice and a cracker–in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice. Not exactly the most spiritual-sounding Palm Sunday, but definitely a memorable one, and one to be extra grateful for.

There has been some good news from the last couple of days. All the American Samoa COVID test samples that were sent off island came back negative, so we’re still one of only a handful of places around the world that doesn’t have any confirmed cases! Of course, we’re still nervous that could change any day now as we’re coming into the second week since the borders were closed, but I’m remaining hopeful!

1:00 PM – My days are getting a bit repetitive. And I’m okay with that. I’m struggling with trying to stay focused during my work hours, and not fall into temptation of jumping back in bed because it’s (obviously) more comfortable there… it’s a trap I fell for maybe once or twice. Can I just retire already? Haha, no but really… I’m slowly but surely finding my new normal.

Yesterday, Ian and I left the safety of our nest to restock on groceries and pick up supplies for home projects. We’re very cautious about leaving our home. I wear my favorite orange batik bandana over my face, and Ian wears his N95 mask and covers it up with a Lush knot-wrap. We’ve also got a hand sanitizer pump ready as soon as we get in the car. We make our way to the hardware store where they have X’s on the ground to demarcate the 6′ distances they encourage customers to keep. We go to two other grocery stores and get everything on our list before heading home.

For home projects, I’ve sewn box cushion covers for our chair, and have been putting in work on the balcony garden. Ian built a new outdoor board rack with our neighbor Kenny to hold our growing quiver of SUPs and water toys. I’ve got a list of other home projects we want to do eventually, but honestly not feeling in any rush to do them.

6:00 PM – Today was probably the most relaxed I’d been throughout this whole quarantine. I feel more settled in.

Ian made this delicious spread of a brunch for us this morning, fried up some fish lumpia for a late lunch, and even as I type, he’s making dinner for us–our recent favorite, Sri Lankan chicken curry with brown rice, which our neighbors Mark and Alice introduced us to. It was so good, I had to go for seconds. I cannot go without saying I am so so so lucky to have this man in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without him. Probably very hungry and very sad lol.

10:15 PM – This afternoon, we dropped off lumpia for Gabby who’s finishing up her last week in the quarantine facility at the VA Center, and sent along some fun notes to keep her in high spirits. Ian wanted to see what LBJ Hospital was looking like lately, so we took a drive to town to pass by it for a peek. The parking lot was mostly empty, and screening tents were set up at the entrance. It was a bit eerie but seemed like everything was under control. We got home and relaxed before heading to the beach–Ian paddled out to Pua Trees to surf for a couple hours, and I jumped off the pier like an 8-year old. At home now, nestled back in bed after watching “Molly’s Game” on Netflix. I’d never heard of Molly Bloom, but the movie was really good and I just found out that it’s based on a true story. Now I’m googling who Player X was. This will keep me up if I don’t find out… good night for now!

PS – Player X is Tobey Maguire!


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