2021 Farm Fair at Fagatogo Market

Mar 29, 2021Culture, Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

March 26, 2021

Snaps around the Fagatogo Market during the Farm Fair

Gabs got us each a fresh cold niu sans straw because we’re good earth warriors over here 🙂

It’s always hard trying to snap ‘street photography’ photos, but they’re forever some of my favorites… even if they aren’t properly focused.

Gaby bought a necklace from this lovely tinā (older woman). I asked if I could take her photo, and she told us her name is Maria Shimasaki…

Gabby was chatting with her, and it turns out that they’re actually related!

Got poke from Dustin’s shop, Fagatogo Fish Market.

My fave is the Cali poke, but I do love their baja fish tacos too.

Our lunch spread, featuring the new orange lavalava Gabby bought, and the fetau wood cutting board Traci bought.



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