Snorkeling; Two Pipefish and A Blenny

Mar 29, 2021Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

Sharing some photos from when Ian and I went snorkeling in the front yard last week.

March 23, 2021

Do you see the tiny blenny??

Well, look again…

It went into hiding in this coral!

These really nice photos of the pipefish were taken by Ian

After a little research, I think they were performing a courtship display dance!

They’re super cute

I’m not sure what this fish is called

Nor these… but I’m sure my husband knows, so I’ll ask him!

And below is a cutie fish! x

I think this is a snapper

I really gotta practice my fish ID

More of the pipefish, pictured by Ian

Just doing their own thing

A surface photo because it was a beautiful day

Did you know pipefish are from the Syngnathidae family, and are related to seahorses and seadragons? I just learned this.

Me, snapped by Ian

And the pipefish again, because they’re so dang cool with their one dorsal fin!

This one looks a little annoyed by all the flash photography

Oh yeah, and I tried my hand at three prong spearfishing! I just did practice aims at some algae

I asked Ian for a three prong spear so I hope I can get better and learn to catch some dinner!

Ian says may aim’s pretty good! As illustrated by me catching floating algae lol… next time, a moving target!

And that’s all for this little photo journal!




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