A Letter to You, the Reader

Jan 29, 2018 | Lifestyle | 3 comments

Dear Reader,

Thank you. Whoever you are, wherever you may be. I am thankful for your presence here and the time you took out of your day to visit my blog. If you’re a real life friend of mine – YOU ROCK. And if we don’t know each other—you might have stumbled here accidentally through social media or were referred here by a mutual friend—I am STOKED to have you. Either way, it’s super cool to log in and see the views from people around the world.

I started this site back in 2016 as a way to transition from my emo/random Tumblr blogging to something that I can control in design and features, and create my own online identity. But I didn’t post much back then. In 2017, I made it an intention to post more. Had the privilege to travel more and post some of those stories. And now it’s 2018 and I am hoping to improve my content and engage more with you wonderful readers.

Now that I’m thinking about it – I myself don’t know if this site has a clear purpose that would even draw readers in.  My blogs are basically just me running around with my camera and writing things down when I feel like it. Oh well. C’est la vie!

I’m happy to write and blog for myself, but I am also interested to see what brought you here to my little space of the Internet! So leave a comment or call/text/message me and let me know how your day is going and whatnot. You’d be super awesome if you did (jk you already are)!

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  1. KA

    Nerelle– Thank you for writing. I’m one of those who don’t know you. Tbh, I don’t remember how I came to subscribe to your blog.

    I do know that I love what you are crafting here. You share your thoughts, photos, and ideas with others in bright and open way. That’s why I follow. I like catching a glimpse of your world because it helps me get out of my bubble and keep perspective on my own corner of the world.

    So, THANK YOU. Keep writing and living life. Cheers, KA

    • nerelle

      Wow thank you so much! I super appreciate your kind words and the fact that we don’t know each other because it sort of validates that I’m not just here rambling (or that I am and at least someone is out there listening) hahah! Do you have a blog too? Would love to follow if you do! xoxo, Nerelle


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