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Jul 30, 2018Lifestyle, Travel

I’m back home in American Samoa!

You know as much as I love traveling, I love the feeling of coming home. Especially after the 12+ hours of sitting in airplanes and waiting in transit… though it wouldn’t be so bad if my bf was on the flight with me. Still. I like getting out of the airport, going home, opening up my door and seeing Yodi and Officer Scruffles wagging and meowing, excited to see me.

This weekend was a mix of chill, productive, fun, and adventurous. Oh yeah! I’m working on redesigning my website which I’m really excited for, and since I’m home solo while Ian is still traveling, I’ve been doing a lot of dancing in my underwear to loud music. And morning yoga, which I haven’t done in a long time. Some friends are also leaving the island so they rented an aiga bus for their tofa. And today a few friends decided to go to Vatia Tidepools at low tide.

But what I’ve been enjoying most is just hanging out at home, being a hermit crab: putting good music on, watching cheesy shows on Netflix, and writing. I’m always so appreciative to be where I am and right now where I am is exactly where I want to be. As you can tell, I’m in a reflective state so here are some photos from around home that I snapped.


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