Papapapaitai waterfall – Samoa photo journal

Sep 16, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

Driving up and over Cross Island Road in Upolu (Samoa), there’s a vista that turns off the main road, and you’ll stop dead in your tracks when you see this.


Try saying this 5x really fast…






It’s the Papapapaitai waterfall.

Ian flew the drone to get some closer shots of the cascading water. He’s still practicing, he says, but he’s wayyyy better than me at piloting the drone.

At ~100meters in height, Papapapaitai is one of the tallest waterfalls in Samoa.

Papapapaitai n black and white.

As it should be, it’s free to visit the vista and get an amazing view of the dramatic cascading falls.

Saw a bunch of butterflies.

Wish I had wings so I could fly.

Here’s me looking like a herb.

A new word I just learned from The Haters, a book that I was reading on this trip; and I also realized that this is what they said on the tv show Stranger Things.

There were a ton of mosquitoes, so I’m glad I had long pants on. I was trying to journal out here because it’s such an epic spot, but found myself trying to whack mozzies the entire time instead.

We hung out and enjoyed the view for probably 20-30 minutes. I’d surprisingly never been there before, because we usually drive through the coast to go south towards Lalomanu. This was a nice new ‘discovery’ on this trip.

Till the water falls,


[ Samoa photo journal:

01 September 2019 ]


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