Babbling: Almost 25

Feb 17, 2017Lifestyle

I’ve always been the type of person that seeks to accomplish something before a deadline, usually birthdays or yearly goals. I love being able to say that I did it, it’s under my belt, what next?

I turn 25 in a month and I’m scrambling to cross off some personal goals one by one that I wrote on a list taped to my studio wall last year.

For me, 25 is a big one–it just seems like a significant year for a person to make decisions. Is that when “adulting” really happens?

It’s not until I realize I have X amount of days left that I start to get frustrated with myself for procrastinating on things like finishing up my online SCUBA courses so I can get certified already, or crafting something every week, or getting into the rhythm of a workout regimen.

And when I do realize them, I have to decide which things I need to do right away versus which things I can hold off on. Or do I just accept that this will perpetually be on my to-do list? But yeah yeah I’ll get around to it sometime, when I can, when it’s convenient. And then I become complacent. There’s never an easy way to decide this.

These photos were from Valentine’s Day with my guy. Don’t you just love love?

Enter: the part of myself that I do enjoy. Highway motivation station. I get real excited for these spurts of energy that are derived from long days at the workbench creating anything I can to make my soul feel alive.

Lately it’s been my traveler’s notebook which I am currently obsessed with. I’ve gotten back into bullet journaling and adding bits of my every day life into these handmade notebooks. It’s like I’m watching myself become my tomorrow self every day. Oh, and listening to music I’ve never heard before so I can lose myself in the cadence and pretend it’s the background song to my inspirational montage.

Only 4 more weeks to go before I turn 25, and I am mentally preparing myself for crunch time.

Some random things on my list right now are:

  • Get SCUBA certified
  • Make 2017 travel plans
  • Find a new spot for camping
  • File my taxes
  • Sew a kimono dress
  • Do something risqué
  • Finish reading that book
  • Save money

Do you have special deadlines you set for yourself?

What are some of your goals that you are passionate about?


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