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Aug 4, 2019Travel

After a few days of frolicking around Auckland, and a short stay in Tahiti, we needed a little R&R to really make this a baecation. We got on a plane and spent a few more days on Raiatea, where we would later be getting on a catamaran to sail around!

Here’s a photo journal from Raiatea.

We arrived at Raiatea airport. It’s similar to our airport on Tutuila in that you have to get off on the tarmac and walk to a little airport building. I looked around and was stunned to see so many motus surrounding the island.

Portraits of Ian and I taken by each other on our first night at Pension Les Trois Cascades.

Stopped by Apooiti Marina to scope out the yacht charter situation.

Ian has been dry too long for an island vacation.

Cruising around the island with no real destination in mind.

Lunch stop at Hotel Atiapiti. The restaurant concept was cool. It was shaped like an outrigger va’a, had an inside/outside section, and had a little boutique inside as well.  The food was really expensive but delicious. I think we all got fish of varying flavors.

At the pier in front of the restaurant. It was a really windy day.

Visited the Taputapuatea Marae, an archaeologically significant site that dates back over 1,000 years and provides evidence of being the seat of Polynesian civilization during that time. It is now a recognized UNESCO heritage site.


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