Coconut Point sunrise with Alava

Feb 28, 2023Lifestyle, Motherhood, Photo Diaries

It felt so good to be back home.

Everything was just as it was. Except it wasn’t.

Same same but different.

Coconut Point. Sunrise. Me and Ian.

Different how? We have been joined by our sweet darling baby Alava. We moved out of our place at Coconut Point, the cutest apartment that we made our home nest together.

We were untethered, no place to settle for now.

We were temporarily living out of suitcases, with boxes and bags of our belongings spread out between American Samoa, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

We stayed at my parents’ house while we were home to tie things up for our move. And our wonderful friends and neighbors, Traci and Ano, invited us over to spend several nights at their place at Coconut Point.

It was nice to be back to enjoy the sunrise and be surrounded by the views that we associated with home for almost 10 years.

And with Alava, our little ball of love. Nursing her here in the treehouse where Ian and I got married. So much to be mushy about.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Everything is changing so fast and I just want to hold on for dear life to what we have, but alas, a new dawn has come — and as before, the sun will rise again 🌞


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