Quarantine Diaries Day 66-70

May 18, 2020Photo Diaries

Quarantine Diaries — May 14-18

Thursday, May 14 — After my morning yoga sesh, I was looking for Yodi and walked out to the beach where she normally likes to try and catch fish. I couldn’t find her, so I asked my neighbor who was just about to head out on the paddle board if she had seen Yodi. She pointed out to the silhouettes in the distance where her sisters were kayaking and told me that Yodi jumped on their boards to join them on their morning adventure. I laughed and felt grateful for my sweet silly water pup.

Friday, May 15 — Sunrise yoga with Jabs out in the treehouse, while the pups demanded our attention. The sun burst out from the east, shining on us while we got our sweat on.

And later: got in the water for a small flotilla Friday to celebrate our neighbor Sabrina’s birthday in quarantine, and then went to her place to play board games, watch virtual concerts, and eat all the choc cake that Tamiano made.

Saturday, May 16 — We repainted our fridge with a new layer of blue because the old paint was starting to peel off. And I polished our cutting boards with my homemade wood butter. Also, how amazing is the grain on this cutting board? It’s locally made and sourced from a fetau tree, and we had just bought it from our friends who made it.

It started raining; the perfect cue to relax in bed, but the skies cleared just in time for Char to come over for a little girls day with Gab and Traci at the beach. I hadn’t hung out with Char since quarantine started so it was nice to catch up over pizza and wine, and get in the water to watch the sunset.

Sunday, May 17 — I’m so stoked that our house is finally rat-free, or at least, I really hope so! We spent all morning deep cleaning our home, and did a lot of random home projects and chores. Ian installed our new shower rod and toilet paper holder. I cleaned the microwave. Ian got the stickers off all our reused jars we now use as drinking glasses and ran the robovac in the house while I swept the balcony and porch. We also had some papaya and celery about to go bad so made some juice! It was one of our most productive mornings all quarantine.

Convinced that the day was still young, Ian grabbed our SUPs and I grabbed our snorkels and we paddled out to the deep “blue hole”. I was curious to see how our corals were faring in the midst of a coral bleaching alert level 2. Ian and I did a quick site survey as we drift snorkeled back a ways, and spotted 10 small patches that were bleached.

We showered, played cards, enjoyed a bevvy and some bbq thanks to Traci and Ano, then binge-watched Hollywood, Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and re-started Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. It was a solid great day.

Monday, May 18 — Thankful for another incredible sunrise worthy of sun salutations.

Today is Day 70 since I started quarantining. There have been ups and downs throughout this whole isolation/lockdown/grounding, but thankfully for me, there have been more ups than downs, and I owe a lot of that to my best friend for keeping me creative, and my fiance for keeping me sane and loved.


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