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What a lovely thing it is to write freely and without consequence


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Breakfast and lunch today.

Views from an evening seawall stroll with my hubba. July 25, 2021
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Dolphins + Evidence of Climate Change

I have so much love and respect and stoke for the ocean and those that call it home — Shot...

How I learned to be a better tourist

Pack smarter and lighter. Do a little research before the trip. Know when and when not to take photos. Treat...

sunrise shoot with these beauties a couple weekends ago  

mama and dada

Quality time with the Que’s

It's getting harder to say goodbye. I live so far away, it's not easy to just stop by for a...

LOVE to love you

Felt so LOVED on my 29th birthday.

Bluesky’s 20th birthday bash

Utulei Beach Park, American Samoa.


Sessions: Georgia and Mareike at sunrise

Part 1 of a sunrise session with these two beautiful women, flat mates, and friends. We woke up before the...
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EV Nautilus photo journal pt. 1 | Deep sea exploration in American Samoa

A long overdue photo journal on the EV Nautilus a few months ago, and I am incredibly stoked to say...
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How I make Iced Matcha Turmeric Latte at home

This iced matcha turmeric latte is perfect for if you're working from home, are quarantined/ social distancing, or if you...


Underwater Gataivai

A photo diary underwater in Gataivai

Jones Turns One

Oh Jones. It's always such a wonder when you see a kid go from your friend's baby bump to a...

American Samoa I love you

15 minutes of scribbling in the treehouse
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Double Rainbows

More living in the present, while still documenting and appreciating the journey along the way. This one makes me smile...

Fagalua camping with my girls
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Honeymoon Me in Ofu, by Ian

First day on honeymoon. Ian took some pics of me and using our new underwater camera! He's become really good...