Another sunny, lazy, beach day in Ofu

Jan 24, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

Yet another insanely beautiful day in Ofu.

I was supposed to be heading back to Tutuila on this day, but I waved my plane goodbye and decided to take a chance at another flight out of Ta’ū next week. Then we spent the rest of our morning and afternoon at the beach.

The day was still young, and the sun shone bright on the heavenly sand at To’aga. Ian hung his hammock between coconut trees, and I walked down the stretch and found the perfect nook to set my camera down on timer and attempt classic jump photos (and failed). Sorry not sorry, I can’t help it – To’aga lagoon, Sunuitao peak and Piumafua mountain are absolute icons in my opinion.

Rick stopped by and I had to get a father/son photo. And then we just lazed the rest of the day!


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