Snorkeling in Ofu – Part 2

Jan 27, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

More underwater living treasures photographed while snorkeling in the shallows of To’aga lagoon during low tide.

I’ll do my best to ID what I can at some point, but comment below if you see any you know!

Ichthyologists, please chime in!

Photos from January 7, 2019.

Thanks to Mareike S. for letting me borrow your Canon G7X and housing, and Rick M. for shooting with me!

View more Ofu underwater pics here.

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  1. R. Moffitt

    Relli! Fantastic! Some really nice shots. My favorites were the vertical formats with corals being reflected off the top of the water. It takes a good eye to pick that stuff out. You know we were out there for like, two hours. It’s amazing how u/w photography can totally absorb you and most of the great shots are in shallow water. It looks like there is some camera flash going on as well, which really enhances the color. How did the over/unders with the Gopro come out! Keep shooting’ . Much love, Rick


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