My Cyclone Evac Kit List

Feb 16, 2018Lifestyle

Deuter Backpack

Important documents

Hard drive with back ups

Pocket sized Traveler’s Journal

GabbaGoods water resistant lantern/power bank


Zip ties + Duct tape

Extra clothes

Nutella + Lord Nuts Zesty Lime Peanuts + Pams Oat bars

Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries

Basic zero waste kit (fork, spoon, straw, chop sticks in drawstring bag)

Candle (made by Kelsey’s cousin!) + lighter

Lalelei wallet clutch containing credit cards, cash and checkbook

iPhone and charger

My homemade lip balm

14 oz Nalgene water bottle

Valuables (watch and necklace)

Keys to my parents house



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