Went diving this weekend

Apr 1, 2019Moments

And so cool because at 72 minutes, it was my longest dive yet! We went with Hanae and JB (his first dive in AS) to Fagasa in the late afternoon, after a long morning of office work on a Saturday.

We carpooled over to Fagasa and set up our gear by the stairs. Hopped in the warm water and swam out to a decent little drop. It was murky in the water for some reason and the vis wasn’t very good. But maybe it’s also because I was wearing a brand new mask (Ian kitted me out with new scuba pro snorkel and mask for my birthday!) and it kept fogging up.

Started with 2500psi in my 63cf tank, went down to 60 feet, and admired all the coral and fish; which reminds me, I need to hop back on learning species ID… then came up nice and slow and ended the dive with 500psi.

Stoked that Hanae said I looked comfortable in the water and she couldn’t tell I was a newb. We head back to town and got Samu’s; sat out by the water and talked stories until the rain came over.

‘Twas a lovely little arvo.


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