Scenes from the 2019 AS Flag Day Parade | PART 2

May 4, 2019Culture

Photo journal of scenes from the American Samoa Flag Day parade on April 17, 2019 at the Tafuna Veteran’s Memorial Stadium – Part 2.

Photos by me and/or Ian from the grandstand using a cheap old telephoto lens I’ve had for over 8 years. I actually forgot it’s kind of broken (reads as error and shuts my camera off when fully extended to 300mm and autofocus doesn’t work anymore), but luckily it worked out and we got this softer old school look.

Part 1 from the parade here.


  1. siumalae manase Tainamu

    Thank you for this 💯 God bless the work that you ❤❤

    • nerelle

      Thank you so much!! I appreciate your kind words, and hope to take more photos like these to document the beauty and traditions of our Samoa.


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