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What a funky day it’s been.

I woke up early thinking I was going to go hiking, but it got canceled because of the crummy weather. So I blogged, took a long nap, caught up on reading, crocheted, ate leftovers, watched some tv, drove in the rain, and now I’m about to jump in the shower and gonna spray some rose water and apply rose hip serum on my dry face and I’ll cuddle up under the covers and watch a movie. I can hear Ian popping the popcorn, so that’s my cue!


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Old journals

They make me feel so many emotions. Emotions that I didn't even realize I felt at the time of writing...

Creature of comfort


View from Canco Hill

View from Canco Hill
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Brown leaves

Is my vibe these days

Birds in the rain

Pics from watching birds in the backyard with an incoming squall. This is what today feels like.

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Always a classic.

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what mondays feel like


Black out to the entire island currently. It makes me kinda nervous actually. Here's a pic from earlier this weekend...
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me painting, taken by ian. ian hanging up the painting, taken by me.

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