Blabbing to unwind for a little bit

Apr 21, 2019Moments

Ah what a lovely weekend it has been. Finally got to really relax the last couple of days – getting up early and doing yoga, journaling, crocheting, finished reading a book and started on another, and watching a bunch of random youtube videos. Oh, and the new Game of Thrones episode (which was soooo good)! Ian and I also tidied up the apartment and rearranged some furniture. That phrase itself sounds so grown up, doesn’t it? Hahah.

This upcoming week is going to be another hectic one so I’m especially grateful to slow down for a bit. I’ve got a lot of deadlines this week, and I’m traveling to Virginia on Thursday for a conference, which means I have to tick them off my to-do list asap. And packing… ugh, packing. I had to start this weekend so I wouldn’t keep postponing it until the 11th hour like I usually do. Plus, I shopped for pasalubongs for my siblings so I had to make sure I could fit it all in my carry-on because, oh yeah, I have a couple short layovers in Phoenix, and I’m gonna get to see my sister, Chris, Sam, and my favorite little nephew and niece!! I might also get to see Tuyet, which makes me so so so happy because I haven’t seen her since last summer, and that was super short too. But anyhow, that’s what I’m most looking forward to right now, getting to see my Arizona family next weekend.

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and even though I’m a huge proponent for “every day is earth day”, I also plan to use this time to reflect on my low waste journey to date, and how I can continue to improve and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Ooh, it’s almost 11pm now, so I better hit the hay girl hayyy.

Manuia le po! xoxo




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