Journal 11/52: Current Playlist

Apr 8, 2018Journal, Lifestyle

Journal 11/52: Current Playlist

It’s been too long since I made a playlist. My iPod – which contained pretty much all my music was stolen and my hard drive backups crashed, and since then I’ve never bothered rebuilding my music library. Still I love music, I do.

Dua Lipa

My current girl crush. Her voice is what I wish my voice sounded like, and she’s gorg. She rocks socks.

Spotify’s Good Vibes playlist

Whatever’s on there when I’m driving to work in the morning, just nice and easy on a sunny day at Coconut Point or even when it’s pouring.

The Greatest Showman soundtrack

When I need to get extra pumped at work. I’ve been known to turn this all the way up on my iMac so everyone can sing along with me. If my work life had a soundtrack…

Lianne La Havas

When Ian is jamming out and picks these chords and I immediately sing Midnight. Her acoustic version in the SoFar sessions are 100% my fave.

Phum Viphurit

Accidentally stumbled upon Lover Boy on YouTube and when I heard his music thought he was John Legend. But I saw the video and it’s this 21 year old Thai-born New Zealand-based Hong Kong-resident singer!

David Byrne

What I listen to when I’m making dinner with my boyfriend and I’m dancing around our tiny kitchen like ooh this is so romantic and fun and we’re so cute.

Alabama Shakes

Her voice trills give me the thrills! All her music strikes my soul, and always takes me back to the time I would be driving home after visiting my boyfriend in Aoloau and it just gave me all the feels.

Slow jazz/ Bossa Nova/ café music

I don’t know what genre this is but the music I’m talking about has all of these 3 things combined. I love to hear the clinking of the plates being picked up by busboys, muted chatter in the background, and a grainy quality to the piano and drums. So good.


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