Lessons from recent travels

Jun 9, 2018Travel

  • It’s really difficult to live zero waste in the mainland too. I would have thought that a ZW lifestyle would be easier in the US because there are more ZW options like bulk shops and thrift stores and art markets. But with all of the options and variety, it almost made it seem more difficult to be ZW.
  • All inclusive resorts are a whole new world. I haven’t decided yet whether that’s a world I want to return to but it’s surely one I won’t forget.
  • Time spent with family is rejuvenating. Hanging out with my sister and brother, plus my niece and nephew… it reminded me of how far we’ve come from little island runts.
  • I shouldn’t go shopping unless I’ve got a goal, a budget, or a specific item I want to purchase. I used to like shopping too. And I still do sometimes but I’m also constantly trying to get rid of material things from my life.
  • If flying Spirit Air, just know the reputation and plan for it. Pack as light as possible. I saw an elderly woman look so defeated when she found out she couldn’t take her carry on as a personal item, and that she had to pay something like $60 to take it with her. I felt so bad for her,
  • Ignore the jerks of Rincon in the off-season. Puerto Rico, you are an exceptional island! You mainland Americans that bought summer homes there? You’re alright. Stop acting so entitled.
  • Invest in a Belkin power bank. My phone was always juiced up and that made me happy.
  • Always check in extra early for flights. So as to prevent your cute boyfriend from getting anxious. Haha
  • If traveling to Dominican Republic through Punta Cana, they take US dollars in most places. I exchanged my currency to the local pesos and a man laughed when I offered to pay with pesos, because we were in *touristy* Punta Cana and they use USD more frequently.
  • It doesn’t matter if you only have 1 flight, or 13 flights, always look out the window and appreciate where you’ve been and where you’re going.


  1. Denia

    Nice post, Nerelle, I also learned something from this.

    • nerelle

      Thank you sis Denia!


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