Sun Safe Selfie

Apr 28, 2020Lifestyle

My friend Traci does social media for the AS Cancer Coalition and for the month of May, she has a campaign called “Sun Safe Selfie” to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention. Skin cancer is one of most common forms of cancer in the US, and yet it is one of the easiest forms of cancer to prevent — you just gotta remember to always practice safe sun!

I went snorkeling today for my lunch break (high tide was at 11:19am), and I just so happened to be wearing my new workwear UPF 50+ rashguard over a sports bra and leggings, from yoga earlier this morning. Gabby showed up already planning to take photos for the Sun Safe Selfie challenge, so she rolled up to the beach wearing her woven launiu hat and had her camera at the ready. We shot a couple of each other modeling our sun protection wear, and then embarked on a snorkel that turned into “fishing” for trash underwater. It’s always such a bummer when there’s trash in the ocean knowing it could be there for a long time… but side note: dude, I found a retro Diet Coke can that I knew was really old because it had the old school logo font and stripes, but I just checked online, and holy crap you guys, the can was from around the 80s or early 90s, making this piece of trash about 30-40 years old! I had no idea it was that old, otherwise I would have taken a clearer photo of it. There was a bunch of algae growing all over it, so it wouldn’t have been a great photo, but anyway, I guess that’s two lessons here. Throw trash away properly, and practice safe sun!

Photos of me taken by Gabby, and photos of Gabby taken by me. Edits by Gabby 🙂


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