Passing through Olosega

Jan 8, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

Olosega is another island that is part of the Manu’a group, and is separated from Ofu island by the Asaga Bridge. We biked from Vaoto Lodge to the Asaga Bridge, and decided to walk the sandy roads Olosega village on foot because I was weary of dogs. It was still Christmas break and the small village seemed pretty quiet. I made note of Mati’s store which is the only one in Olosega. We waved to few people and avoided the barking dogs. By the time we got to the Oge Trail, it was just past noon and we were almost out of water. We kept going for a little bit and admired the view of Ofu-Olosega and their unique landscape before heading back to into the village towards Mati’s store for water.


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