Life Lately: Mid-November

Is it REALLY already mid November?! Adopting Yodi, getting sick, and Christmas spirit… just some things in my life over the last couple of weeks…

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Where we stayed in Ubud

This home in Ubud has everything you’d want in a vacation home and more. Our luxurious private pool villa we found on AirBnB.

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Babbling: Almost 25

I turn 25 in a month and I’m scrambling to cross off some personal goals one by one that I wrote on a list taped to my studio wall last year.

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CREATE: DIY Altoids watercolor travel palette

Who doesn’t love art supplies? Here’s a quick and easy DIY watercolor travel palette I made from an Altoids mint tin!

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Dusk Colors with this Gauguin Girl

Putting feelings down in color. It’s messy and the colors are wonky, but I kind of liked it that way. Inspired by Gauguin, and the light in my room.

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Oh Starry Night

Something so serene about lying in the dark looking up at nature’s night lights… We laid in the back of the truck watching an illuminated starry sky.

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French Pirates

Meet Diane and Louise.
French pirates (not really really) and BFFs who are currently volunteering at the National Park of American Samoa.

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