My home on the reef

My home on the reef

My home on the reef.

I had come home from work and the tide was high and the sun was low in the horizon.

It was one of those days where the weather is just right, and the water is inviting you in. 


Coconut Point sunset


*sighs* marine debris *smh*

dip dive

staghorn coral village

underwater home




wish upon a starfish

it was a blur

do you see it?

moray eeeeeeel

ready for his closeup

always love these views

a diverse environment

Snorkeling at To’aga Beach – Part 1

Snorkeling at To’aga Beach – Part 1

The underwater marine life in Ofu is just beyondddd!

I have amassed quite a few photos of fish and coral during our 2 weeks in Ofu. I’m constantly dazed and amazed at To’aga beach and the National Park of American Samoa on Ofu island.

Here’s part 1 of snorkeling photos.

(View more underwater photos here)

I’m still trying to ID all the different fish and coral, so if you know any of these, please let me know in the comments below!

fire coral

Strongylura incisa – needlefish

Oxymanacanthus longirostris

fire coral of some sort

Acanthurus triostegus / Acanthurs guttatus

Chrysyptera taupou

Porites coral

Acanthurus triostegus – convict tang

Porites coral

Acanthurus nigricans / Acanthurus nigroris / Ctenochaetus striatus / Halichoeres hortulanus

Acanthurus guttatus / acanthurus striatus / 

christmas tree worm 

fire coral

Acanthurus triostegus – convict tang


Chlorurus frontalis

Porites cylindrica??