Sailing again and getting seasick

Sailing again and getting seasick

Round 2 of sailing adventures in California thanks to Rick!

A sunny Tuesday in Los Angeles. Drove out to Redondo Beach King Harbor Marina and boarded the SV Gitana where Ian and Rick moved quickly – and before I knew it, we were past the breakwater with Rick at the helm and Ian on the lines. He unfurled the sail and then the jib, and we went flying. The wind was pleasantly strong for the first hour.

It was so fun to get behind the wheel with the wind in the sail; I was laughing hysterical and nervous because I was holding myself up sideways and kept thinking I was going to heel us over and tip. Ian and Rick assured me that was hard to do.

From 15 knots down to 2 knots, the wind died in the second hour and we ate lunch. I downed 3 cans of ginger ale because I get seasick and was hoping it would help. I just looked it up and it looks like ginger itself helps with nausea but but ginger ale has too much sugar to have the same effect. Yup, learned that the hard way because I did eventually end up getting seasick and it wasn’t pretty. Although I think it was really because I had to go below to pee (from drinking 3 cans of ginger ale), and being in that tight little bathroom oh man my head felt like it was a lava lamp.

Ian and Rick tacked several more times within the hour to find the wind but it was a bust and they took us back to the Marina where I immediately felt better.

It was still so much fun, and I will definitely be taking a whole ginger with me the next time!