Preparing for #PlasticFreeJuly

Preparing for #PlasticFreeJuly

One of my goals for 2018…

was to lessen my waste and strive for a zero waste lifestyle. I’ve made small habit changes over the months that help reduce my footprint but now it’s almost July and I’ve accepted the challenge to action this goal every day for 31 days!

If you haven’t heard about #PlasticFreeJuly,

it’s a social movement (which started in Oz I believe) I found online that encourages people all over the world to try to go plastic free for a whole month. You can sign up to accept the challenge here! What this means is that I’ll be reducing and refusing single-use disposable products such as plastic bags, plastic cutlery, plastic and styrofoam plates, plastic water bottles, etc.

I’ve been doing a pretty okay job at this so far, but there are definitely times when I forget to say no straw please, or forget my grocery totes at home, or drink out of plastic water bottles when I should have just refilled my own Nalgene. So for the next 31 days, I hope to make a low waste/ high quality impact!

But as always,

it’s a work in progress and I’m excited to try my best to go plastic free all month.

The biggest challenge…

I’m anticipating is that I’ll be traveling for most of July, and as I’ve learned in other recent travels–avoiding single use disposable products can be difficult because they’re just so readily available and sometimes seem to be the only option. I’m looking at you plastic wrapped airline food!

In preparation for #PlasticFreeJuly,

here’s a list of changes I’ve made in my life since late last year when I became more acutely aware of my environment and learned about zero waste living:


/ I leave all my tote bags by the door so I don’t forget it when I go grocery shopping

/ I’ve switched to bamboo and metal straws and always politely ask for “No straw please” when I’m ordering a bevvy

/ Made my own zero waste kit (carrying my own cutlery). You can check out my

/ Zero Waste Kit for Beginners here! BYO-tupperware whenever we out, because I almost always get takeaway

/ Sewed a cloth bento bag from scrap fabric to carry my said tupperware

/ Also sewed a black cloth trash bag liner so I no longer use plastic trash bags. *This always confused me because I felt like I was making more trash by throwing my trash in plastic trash.

/ I say no to any and all styrofoam

/ Made my own natural deodorant (you can find how I made it here)

/ Switched to homemade cloth napkins using scrap material



Ok ok ok… is it weird that I’m kind of nervous to start this challenge? Well, I’m excited mostly! But also slightly nervous. Ah!

To keep myself accountable,

I’ll be posting on my instagram stories every day in July and will post weekly updates here on my blog! I hope you follow along in July and I also encourage you to accept the challenge and try #PlasticFreeJuly!


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can live more sustainably, check out my post: 20 WAYS TO LIVE MORE SUSTAINABLY

Adventures with Shivaun: Part 2

Adventures with Shivaun: Part 2

Even though we live on a tiny island where road trips are not really a thing, it’s still super fun to get on the road with friends and enjoy the ride.

This beauty.

me: “Look here!”

me: “Can you all stand up”

me: “Wacky one!”

*me: says nothing*

*everybody: shows their booty*

And then comes the awkward family photos…

And Shivaun dramatically portraying her departure from the island

We waited for the sun to go down and watched the lights slowly flicker on below us.

Love this human

We’re all from different places, backgrounds and experiences

but how cool is it that this little island brings us together like this

See Adventures with Shivaun: Part 1, where we drive west to Amanave.

Also, our Clothing Swap that morning was a lot of fun.

Adventures with Shivaun: Part 1

Adventures with Shivaun: Part 1

After last weekend’s clothing swap, our friend Shivaun (who is leaving the island soon) spontaneously decided to take a drive around the island in the back of the truck… because if you know American Samoa at all, you’d know that riding in the back of the truck with friends is one of those special little things about this place.

None of us really had any plans for the rest of the day so we all jumped in the back of Ryan’s truck and took off. We drove east first towards Samu’s for homemade ice cream goodness.

Then went west, because we don’t go to the west side nearly enough. Made a pit stop at a local market stand for a quick coconut drive through.

Got to Amanave and pulled over the side of the road to enjoy our cold coconuts (we brought our own metal and bamboo straws!), and took some silly photos.

“Sometimes you gotta just feel your feelings…” that’s what this light of a human told me yesterday at her tofa.

It’s a weird thing when it’s time to go and the past 2 years feel like a blur. But we’re all travelers on the road of rediscovery and I hope you never stop searching for your dharma Shivvy! Love you my girl and I’ll see ya in Sconsin or absolutely anywhere I can

See Adventures with Shivaun: Part 2, where we hang out in Aoloau.

Also, our Clothing Swap that morning was a lot of fun.

On a Tuesday

On a Tuesday

Our office caught fire so we evacuated and were let out for the day. Lauren and I spent it right – at the beach with pups and dranks.



I first learned about clothing swaps when I moved back to American Samoa.
A group of girls invited me over to a swap and I thought it was the coolest idea ever.
Clothing swaps are a fun way to reduce, reuse and recycle! 
This past weekend, my neighbor hosted a ladies’ day brunch and clothing swap.
We all got together for a yummy mix of breakfast foods, and piled our clothes and items on a heap in the middle of the room.
Between only 8 of us we had a decent pile of clothes, books, magazines, beauty products, and stationery supplies.
I am on a serious ongoing purge of material items I own so I wasn’t looking to take anything home, but it was great to see clothes go to a new home. It’s also so fun to have a pretend runway (with mirrors of course) where the gals can model their outfits.
By having a clothing swap, we are reducing our waste, re-using clothing, and re-homing everything else to our local charity.