New Monday, back to the grind. Feeling a bit more “me” in my workspace.

Shakespeare Bridge

Last night, I asked my neighbor’s 7 year old daughter “T” if she remembered my name, and this is what she said:

T: You’re Nerelle…

Me: Aw, yeah! Lots of kids tend to forget my name because it’s not an easy name to remember.

T: I usually get mixed up with all the different adults, but I remember you as the really really happy nice neighbor!


How sweet!!! 😊

Roaring 20s Birthday Party in the Treehouse

Roaring 20s Birthday Party in the Treehouse

Roaring 20’s: Island Style

Celebrating Ian’s last year as a 20-something

Ian just turned 29, and in honor of his last year as a 20-something, we had a “Roaring 20’s” theme party, island style, in the treehouse! We couldn’t really do too much of a gatsby-esque theme since we were all pretty much wearing swimsuits, but we gave it minimal effort for maximum enjoyment. Big shout out to my amazing friends for helping me plan and set up for the party, and to all of our friends who showed up and helped us celebrate our special guy.

The sun shone for the first time in a really long time just for his birthday! And between champagne towers, festoon lights, puppies galore, shared finger foods, homemade chocolate cake, flare candles, SUP surf sessions, good music, and GREAT friends–it was a truly memorable night.

Happy birthday Ian! We love you!



The man of my dreams just turned 29 ✨

Love to love you, old man baby boy.