What you do when no one is looking, that is your lifestyle

Things I’m Grateful For Today

This giant clam shell still intact.
The glow of sunlight through the windows in the studio.
The mangroves in the backyard lagoon. What are you grateful for?

We Painted the Fridge Blue

Productive Saturday – a moody sunrise, a couple hours of work, impromptu home improvement projects… oh, and we painted our fridge blue!

Hello Little Starling

Hanging out with a young Samoan Starling (Aplonis atrifusca) on our heads by the beach. Just another picture perfect evening in American Samoa.

Life Lately: Weekend Blurb

Weekend blurbs and random thoughts… Who sings this? Ian at Rose Atoll. I don’t have my camera right now. Midnight self care.

Life Lately: Mid-September

Can you believe it’s already mid-September?! I’m learning to live slow and focus myself on my priorities. This is my life lately in photos and paragraphs.

Quality time with the Que’s

It’s getting harder to say goodbye. I live so far away, it’s not easy to just stop by for a visit, and I wish I could see them more often.

Fast kine in Hawai’i

Only 2 short days in Hawaii… bodysurfing with kids at Hukilau beach, picnicking under the stars outside of a Jack Johnson concert, and a monk seal crashes Kaimana beach.

LIFE: Summer Date Night

Friday night “you me, me you” time with my favorite person in the world. Now that we’re mobile, we can start having date night on the road again!


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