Yes, I’m a Baby Mama

Oct 4, 2022Lifestyle, Motherhood

At this point, it’s “old news” but since I’ve not been able to get on my blog for a long while, it’s “new news” on here…

I’m pregnant!

Yes, I’m a Baby Mama!

I am now in my third trimester, and gobsmacked at how fast the time has flown, but also wondering if the next last months are going to drag out. I’m patient though. Baby is kicking a lot and I have grown and changed a lotttt.

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. I’ve been looking forward to this experience since the Mr. and I decided we were ready to start a family last year. And to be honest, I’ve had a bit of a rough go at pregnancy — nothing too crazy, but it’s been a roller coaster for sure. These days, even with all the aches and pains that come along with growing a human, I’m grateful to be where we are now, and for an exciting new chapter to come.

I’m adding a “Motherhood” category on my blog so in the future I can look back at this whole adventure, and in the meantime, share my evolution in words and photos whilst in the throes of my new life as a mama.

Cheers to me (honestly) and to all the mamas out there!

Sending all the hugs and belly rubs to new moms-to-be too!

xo, Nerelle

Photos of me at 24 weeks pregnant by my darling husband.


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