A Little Big Island Adventure

Sep 14, 2018Lifestyle


We went with a group of friends on a little adventure… scratch that, it was a big island adventure. Something we’ve been wanting to do for the last 4 years. I was unsure I could leave work early but I promised to work over the weekend. Then Ian picked me up with his kayak and my SUP already strapped to our bright green truck, and a huge smile on his face, and we drove north. Thank God for Ian too because he packed all my stuff and prepped food and carried our vessels onto the truck, which he later offloaded in the bay, and then we paddled out to sea…


I used to be scared of paddling out in deep waters because of the sensible/irrational fear of something ominous beneath the cerulean sea.

I became so much more aware of the beating of my heart.

It took repeated familiarity and a good amount of hand holding before I learned to quell those fears and am now more excited than scared.

And thank goodness I overcame this because if not I would not have been rewarded with idyllic lush mountains and isolated beaches.

Photos taken by Nerelle Que and Ian Moffitt – but on the GoPro, mostly by Ian 😉


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